Hi ladies, welcome to Embracing Motherhood.

The idea behind this blog is to share my journey of motherhood and to also tap into my husband’s medical knowledge on women’s health. My hubby’s name is David Addenbrooke and he is an obstetrician. He has been delivering babies now for more than a decade and is dedicated to helping women on their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Like most women my head is constantly filled with questions. Whether I’m pregnant and want to find out if what I’m experiencing is “normal”, or even if it’s been a few years post baby and I have a weird pain in my abdomen – I want answers and I want them NOW.

So that’s when I turn to my hubby and pick his brain over anything I am curious about. Period pain, Braxton Hicks, female ejaculation – you name it and I’ve probably asked about it.  Whether it’s about my own body, women’s bodies in general or even topics I’ve read about, I’m blessed to have access to such a great resource of knowledge that is my husband (even though he’s probably sick of my endless questions). 

In saying that, I thought it would be great to share my hubby’s expertise with you ladies. Obviously any advice he gives is a generalisation and should not be substituted for any medical opinion from your own OBGYN. This is more of an informal blog covering topics of pregnancy, birth and motherhood in general. 

To kick off I would like to give a brief bio of my husband, Dr David Addenbrooke, so you can get to know him a little more since he will be contributing content to this blog…

After studying medical school for seven years and living off two-minute noodles and working several part time jobs to survive, David interned for two years at a training hospital in South Sydney before being accepted onto the specialty training program for Obstetrics and Gynaecology. This meant another six years of training that would involve him moving to five different hospitals over the training period. 

Relocating almost every year was tough considering he had a young family (I was basically pregnant every second move!). We lived on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Sydney and the Northern Rivers. Beautiful places to call home but living out of boxes was a nightmare. Throughout his training he had to sit two major exams in order to become a qualified specialist. After a lot of study, and help from me to take over most of the parenting duties while he worked and prepped for exams, meant that all his efforts were worth it in the end. 

By 2015 he successfully completed his training and became an OBGYN who now works for public health and private consulting. He is a busy man who I wish I could see more of, but he is so good at his job I have to step back and accept that being an obstetrician is not just a career, but a lifestyle.

One of my roles is to let him navigate his career, which is still in the early stages, while I hold down the fort and do as best as I can to keep the cogs turning at home. He has been busy building up his business and even managed to co-write a pregnancy book over the last two years! The book, 9 months: The Essential Australian Guide to Pregnancy, just got released so I’ll do a spotlight on it in my next post.  

So yes, our life has been hectic over the last 11 years since we’ve been married and started our family. Like most young families we got a bit lost in the cycle of work, nappy changes and broken sleep that we had little time for each other. In a way this blog is giving David and I an excuse to work together as a couple. It will be our hobby that we can do together – however frequent that may be I don’t know?! It’s also about me getting a little of my own identity back after a pretty long hiatus from writing and working as a journalist. It’s time for me to flex that muscle and give it a go. 

So please join us on our journey.

Cheers for now!

Your friend and parenting peer

Cherie x