Obstetrician and author, David Addenbrooke, teams up with his wife, Cherie, to share their experiences on pregnancy, birth and parenting. 

David lends his hand by giving his expert medical advice, while Cherie chronicles her days of raising their four young children and gives insight into her journey of pregnancy and birth.

As a mother to five young children, I totally get what it’s like to do ten things at once. My go-to hairstyle is the ‘mum bun’ and I frequently wear the same clothes several days in a row. I have been known to use paper plates and cups when I know I can’t be arsed to do the dishes, and sometimes feed my kids cereal for dinner when we have run out of groceries and I can’t bear the through of trudging through the grocery store with kids in tow.

But despite these imperfections, I love my kids more than Netflix, sleep-ins or freshly laundered clothes. They are everything to me and I would take a sloppy kiss and a sticky cuddle from my babies over a three-course meal (or even a hot cup of coffee) any day!

Before becoming a mum, I was employed at a magazine publishing house, working through the ranks as a publishing assistant, journalist, then deputy editor on a trade publication.

Since having children I’ve had the odd feature article published in Practical Parenting magazine and am desperately trying to get my groove back since baby number three just started kindergarten.

Overall, I try to embrace my motherhood journey and time with my kids as much as possible BUT realise that sometimes it’s just about getting through the day as best as you can.

I find comfort in knowing that I’m not in this parenting gig alone and really enjoy sharing stories with other mothers on the parenting frontline.

I also love that my hubby has a sense of humour when it comes to parenting and doesn’t take things too seriously. After all, in the famous words of actor Ray Romano “having children is like living in a frat house – nobody sleeps, everything’s broken, and there’s a lot of throwing up.”

As an obstetrician, I’ve delivered thousands of babies. It’s an amazing job and a constant privilege to share these moments in the lives of other families. Seeing a baby spark into life for the first time never gets any less special. Bringing out those little balls of new life every day is what keeps me getting up at two in the morning three times a week… The best thing about other people’s babies is, of course, that you get to hand them back afterwards. Honestly, when they are out, I’m no more capable than the average parent, maybe even less so because I rely so much on my talented wife…

I often tell new parents that they have three jobs, keep the baby warm, keep it’s stomach full and try not to drop it. The rest, more or less, will just kind of happen to you.

Cherie asked me to contribute to this project to give advice on pregnancy – which I am totally happy to do. I’m thinking of this like an obstetrician advice column, and if some secrets of my half-arsed parenting come out along the way, so be it.